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Who Deserves an "EPIC" Vacation?

Updated: Jun 7

As many of you know, our love for the Outer Banks sparked us to establish a charitable organization this past winter. Our Epic Project was founded to strengthen, support and share the local beach communities that Outer Banks Boil Company is proud to serve.*

It's that "share" piece we're working on today! We're seeking nominations for a deserving family to experience an EPIC Outer Banks Vacation!

We all cherish that tradition of a quintessential summer beach vacation, but we realize that for every family we serve with our can't-be-missed boils, there are several other families who are unable to enjoy this well deserved break.

It's been well proven that family vacations can greatly impact the mental health and well being of individuals and families. From simple relaxation to family bonding, we want to ensure one deserving family gets to enjoy all the benefits of an EPIC family vacation without the financial burden that makes it impossible for some families to savor.

Beginning with a one-week rental (August 5 to 12) at "Footprints in the Sand" a beautiful six bedroom home located in the Corolla Light Community, we'll make sure our deserving family has a great home base for their vacation.

Once our family is chosen we'll put together a great menu of activities they can choose from. A trip to the 4x4 beach to see the wild horses, a round of mini golf, water sports, a visit to the boat museum and the historic Whalehead Club are just a few of the many available options.

We'll also cover meals for our family while they are here including an EPIC Outer Banks Boil Company Boil! A travel voucher will help offset expenses in getting our family to the Outer Banks.

Nominations are being collected (just click the link below!) and folks can submit either a written (max750 word) or video nomination via EPIC's website.

The winner will be selected on June 1, 2023.

And this is just the beginning!

Our program originates with this 1-week rental of a vacation cottage in Corolla, North Carolina (home to OBBC). Collectively, with cooperation of local business partners, OBBC will provide accommodations, meals, activities and experiences to ensure an EPIC vacation for the deserving family. Our fervent hope is to expand the program to add additional weeks in additional markets, develop Chapters, and eventually purchase “Boil Houses” where we can host multiple families all season long.

“Outer Banks Boil Company has always been dedicated to giving back. We are so grateful and excited for this opportunity to work together with our customers and fellow business owners to be EPIC (emit positive impact collectively).” stated Matt Khouri.

Matt's mom, Denise Khouri, president of Our EPIC Project added “This is a dream to be able to do this type of good work! So many local businesses are already stepping up to get involved! We are so excited to get started and watch this project grow!"


*Our EPIC Project, an acronym for Emitting Positive Impact Collectively, was founded to strengthen, support and share the local beach communities that Outer Banks Boil Company is proud to serve. Beginning with its first location in Corolla, three distinct and powerful programs will be: to strengthen mental health initiatives, support entrepreneurial spirit, and share all the community has to offer by providing an EPIC vacation to a deserving family.

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