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What is a Boil?

Jumbo Shrimp, authentic andouille sausage, red bliss potatoes, corn on the cob and sweet Vidalia onions are layered, seasoned ( with our own special blend) to perfection and expertly cooked together. Served with our homemade cocktail sauce the Outer Banks Boil Company has been dubbed the "Best Pot on the Beach".


We pride ourselves on providing quality, fresh and when available, local ingredients. Our authentic andouille sausage is shipped up from Louisiana (for that true low-country boil taste), Want to take it up a notch? You can add seafood such as snow crab legs, clams, mussels and lobster tails!


How it Works

Unlike a traditional Low Country Boil or "Frogmore Stew" we don't boil everything.  Our signature process combines both boiling and steaming to ensure each ingredient is cooked to perfection.


What's our secret to creating the perfect flavor profile that enhances each ingredient while retaining its true flavor?  lovingly referred to as our "dime bag" -our super secret blend of spices is hand tied in a muslin pouch and placed in the bottom of every pot.


Pack Your Pot

All of our base menu items are ordered per person but get steamed all together! After you choose your base you can add-on extras to your boil, non-seafood options, and don't forget desert!


get cookin'

Our Signature Seafood Boils take roughly 30 minutes to steam ensuring every elements gets the proper cook time.


Pour it Out!

The best (an only, in our opinion) way to have a boil is to pour it out over your table and let everyone have at it! Don't forget the tablecloth though - it can get messy!

3 ways to enjoy the best pot on the beach:


We show up an hour before you want to eat, set-up all the equipment and start cooking for your entire group. Sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite beverage while we cook and entertain you and your guests. When cooking is complete, we drop all the yummy goodness onto a table (yours or ours) fully equipped with table cloth, plates, forks, knives, and all the other essential utensils and fix-ins for our Signature Seafood Boil. While you enjoy the meal, we clean up our equipment and share local knowledge. When everyone is finished, we help bag up your leftovers, clean the table and dispose of any trash and even take it all away leaving you with nothing but a full belly and a vacation memory you'll be talking about long after you leave the Outer Banks.

Outer Banks Boil Company
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Our Best Pot To-Go  provides you with the opportunity to experience our acclaimed Signature Seafood Boil without the full-service catering.  


So easy! Just add liquid (water, beer, white wine) and place on your stovetop and let the magic happen.  That’s it!  Nothing complicated about it, just steam, serve and enjoy “the Best Pot on the Beach”!  Oh, and by the way…cleanup’s a breeze!  


Pre-order our Best Pot To-Go or call ahead at your Outer Banks Boil Company location and we can have your pot ready to go when you arrive.


For groups 10+, we recommend our catered service.

Outer Banks Boil Company

 Special Events 

Let Outer Banks Boil Company make your special event one to remember!  

  • Receptions

  • Rehearsal Dinners

  • Welcome Parties

  • Family Reunions

  • Holiday Parties

  • Anniversary and Birthday Celebrations

We're always happy to answer any questions you may have about our event services.  Make sure to check out your local Outer Banks Boil Company for their unique regional offerings!

Outer Banks Boil Company
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