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The Holiday Party 2023. Let's DO Something New.

Tis the season for gathering together and celebrating!

We all like to make things special and fun and here Outer Banks Boil Company you know we love to celebrate in unique ways. Here is our take on a few of the Holiday Party Traditions. that we feel could use a new twist:

The Ugly Sweater Party - Unraveled

We've all been to at least one UGLY Sweater Party and, quite frankly, although extremely festive, we think they can definitely use an improvement. Why arrive in an over-adorned holiday sweater when you can show up dressed like your favorite holiday character? Host your very own Holiday Costume Party! Frosty, Rudolf, St Nick, Mrs. Claus, Buddy the "Elf" Invite them all!

Talk about a great group photo op! This may even be next year's holiday card

Or you could show up in Boil Gear!

The White Elephant is Extinct

Its been a good run, Mr. Elephant, but when it comes to the "unique" holiday gift exchange we're putting you to rest. Instead of bringing a small gift to exchange, have everyone bring a Gift Card. You can set a dollar amount (or not) or even ask folks to recycle a current gift card that have yet to use. When guests arrive give them each a deflated balloon and insert the gift card.

You may want to experiment with the type/size of the balloon).

Blow up the balloon and tie it off. From here you can create several options, attach balloons to a board and throw darts, pass and pop, etc, Hey! Maybe one of our gift cards would be great!

Forget the "GET" and focus on the "GIVE"

We all LOVE getting gifts. That being said there are so many less fortunate who any gift (monetary or otherwise ) this time of year, means more than you can imagine. Choose a specific charity or cause that speaks to you or your communities needs. Rather than bringing gifts or gift cards to exchange ask folks to bring a donation. Churches, food banks, children's charities, and toy drives are all looking to make someone's holidays a little brighter.

Maybe it's a specific cause that you are connected to, or a donation to honor someone's memory, whatever the reason this is the giving season-make the most of it. At OBBC we like to say "giving feels good, giving together-feels great! Holiday parties are a great way to get together and give! Our choice this year OBBC's own Our EPIC Project, Inc.

Lighten the Load

Planning and prepping for a holiday party is hard work. From decorating to dining, the party host has a tremendous amount of responsibility. For many of us, catering is a great way to lessen the load and focus on the fun! Finding new and inventive ways to offer guests a great meal can be challenging. Hiring someone to prep, prepare, serve and even clean up allows the host to enjoy the party as much as the guests.

At OBBC we couldn't agree more! Whether you're hosting a corporate party, family festivities or a neighborhood get-together, we'd love to be your choice!

You all know how much we enjoy a party!

Rest and Recover

Nothing cures those hungover holiday heads like a few aspirin and a great Bloody Mary. So what is it about this quintessential hangover cure that works so well? Turns out its the veg juice base (tomato) that delivers up electrolytes, water, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6, that help set things back in balance. A shot of vodka or "hair of the dog" is an added bonus!

Again -we're always looking for the spin! Have you heard of the Michelada or Mexican Bloody Mary? Instead of using vodka try adding beer. A little fizz and lower alcohol content might provide the same effects!

Not to play favorites but we do think our Boil Mary does top them all. Haven't tried it yet? Check out our recipe!

No matter how you celebrate the Holiday Party, Outer Banks Boil Company wish you a safe, happy and healthy season.

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