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New Franchise Locations in Florida: Expanding “Family Style”!

You know we take family seriously at Outer Banks Boil Company. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our latest edition to the Outer Banks Boil Company team:

The Berlin Group of Southwestern Florida has just signed on for three franchise locations: St. Petersburg is to open first sometime in 2021, with locations in Tampa and Clearwater to follow.

“We are so very excited to welcome the Berlin Family to the Outer Banks Boil Company team”, says Outer Banks’ Founder Matt Khouri. “From the very first call we had with them, we felt an immediate connection and look forward to working hand in hand with them as they begin their own Boil Co. journey in Florida. Their combination of business experience, passion for success and drive to be great will no doubt lead to success in each of their markets in Florida. Keep an eye out for “The Best Pot on the Beach” in St. Petersburg over the next few months! Cheers y’all!”

And it is a family affair. Joe Berlin, his wife Jennifer, and his brother Logan make up the Berlin Team. All three are experienced entrepreneurs with several businesses under their collective belts - not to mention an abundance of those qualities that make Outer Banks Boil Company special: Energy and Fun!

“We couldn’t be more thrilled”, says Logan. “Outer Banks Boil Company’s business model is perfect for the Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater area. Delicious, fresh seafood perfectly prepared right in your own home. What’s not to love? We’re so happy to be bringing this option to the Florida Gulf Coast.”

It was Logan, in fact, who brought Outer Banks Boil Company to the attention of his brother and sister-in-law. As a good friend of Kyle Vrhovac, owner/operator of Outer Banks Boil Company’s Charlottesville, VA franchise (and soon, Virginia Beach!), Logan recognized a great thing when he saw it.

“Kyle and I talk business quite a bit, and I could see how jazzed he was about this opportunity. Put that together with our Florida coastal location. . . it all seemed just perfect.”

“And as a family, we were really impressed with how a traditional low country boil brings people together,” adds the irrepressible Jennifer.

“All three of us are always on-the-go,” explains Jennifer. “Business owners are never off duty so, as you can imagine, our phones are never too far from us. When we sat down for an Outer Banks Boil for the first time, it was absolutely amazing! We sat . . . we talked . . . we spent good quality time together. I mean, just try to have your phone at the table when a boil is poured out. It’s a hazard!”

We are thrilled to have the Berlin Group on our Outer Banks Boil Company Team.

Welcome to the family!

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