Hatteras Island Joins Our "Family"

We talk about family a lot here at Outer Banks Boil Company. Not only do we provide meals that bring families together in the best way possible, but our locations operate with a family spirit that the Khouri family has been sure to instill. When someone notices and then captures that family spirit, we couldn't be happier.

That's why we're thrilled to announce that the general manager of our latest Outer Banks Boil Company location on Hatteras Island is none other than longtime friend and business associate Chris Smith.

Chris has truly been a part of Outer Banks Boil Company since its start - first as a trusted vendor, then as a Kitty Hawk boiler, and now as a partner and GM.

We sat down with Chris to see how he feels about the coming location and his ever-growing association with Outer Banks Boil Company. Here's what Chris had to say: