Amelia Island, Here We Come!

Amelia Island, another one of the great American barrier islands, is known for its gorgeous, uncluttered beaches, its native wildlife, and now, thanks to Dave & Elaine Lynch, Outer Banks Boil Company!

We couldn't be happier to add this great couple - and Clancy! - to our Outer Banks Boil Company Family. A love of seafood, a great location, and a perfect pair have come together to bring "The Best Pot on the Beach" to northern Florida. Here's how:

Transplants from Washington DC, Dave & Elaine stumbled upon Amelia Island on a quick vacation. The shrimp were the best they'd tasted (which was a qualifier!), but it was the people that really clinched the deal. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly . . . there was no other place to go: They had found their new home.

Dave is a foodie. While he earned his living as a technical writer for our federal government, Dave has worked as a personal chef with his business "New Lime Catering" (where his moniker, "The Lasagna Guy", was born).